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Five Ways Video Boosts your Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are an incredibly vital component of developing your company’s culture. However, few companies actually leverage video as a platform to share their social responsibility efforts. Here are five ways that implements video content will significantly improve your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. 1. Seeing is believing We’ve all seen our fair share […]

How much should I invest on video?

The most frequent question that gets asked in our business is “how much does a video cost??” – the answer is … “it depends”. Not a very satisfying answer, we know! Video production can be incredibly challenging to price, with quotes sometimes varying wildly. Why is that? Here’s a useful overview with some great tips […]

Top Tips for Drone Cinematography

In addition to being an increasingly popular hobby across the UK, drone filming and aerial photography presents a huge variety of benefits and opportunities to businesses and brands looking to capture stunning aerial imagery and to produce incredible new perspectives. There can be quite a steep initial learning curve when it comes to getting to […]

Five Ways to Create an Engaging Script

There’s a common misconception that influential video content is dependent on the misè-en-scene, which translates to “everything in the scene”. Whilst we agree that this is an incredibly important elements to developing a successful campaign, the first step begins with the script. If you want your content to make an impact, the script has to […]

The Importance of Good Audio

Producing video content can be a consuming tasks, however the final result should be worth all the time and effort that you’ve spent on it! So when we see content across social media that has great ideas and a strong message, it’s incredibly disheartening when the accompanying audio isn’t up to scratch. If you’re not […]

Storytelling and Fashion

What happens when you combine a beautiful model, a cinematic camera, a glamorous location and a great soundtrack? Probably every fashion film that you have every watched. As Matthew Frost’s spoof ‘FASHION FILM‘ highlights, fashion films are indeed a cliché. However as we all know, high production values are no longer enough to justify a customer purchase. In […]

Five Tips for Making Great Video Content

Producing great video content isn’t the easiest of tasks, whether it’s video content or any other format you care to mention. In the digital space the opportunity for anyone to create, publish and promote their own content online has upped the stakes for digital marketers. The ability to fall back on hackneyed formats has had […]

We’re permitted for Commercial Drone Operation!

Drone videography is becoming an incredibly important tool that allows DAKONA to improve the delivery of high-quality videos to our cherished clients. It not only allows you to gain an entirely new perspective of a scene, but dramatically increases the production value of a video through an advanced camera technique. Not too long ago, we […]

Branded content is the future

Branded content is an important way that companies are establishing a brand with the customer’s experience in mind. Ice cream manufacturer Häagen-Dazs hired Spurlock to create a thirty-minute documentary about artisans. That’s it. The only reference to the company in this short documentary was its logo. What Häagen-Dazs looked to accomplish with this approach is to […]