Branded content is an important way that companies are establishing a brand with the customer’s experience in mind.

Ice cream manufacturer Häagen-Dazs hired Spurlock to create a thirty-minute documentary about artisans. That’s it. The only reference to the company in this short documentary was its logo.

What Häagen-Dazs looked to accomplish with this approach is to entertain their consumers and associate artistry with the company. They weren’t selling anything. They were merely using this outlet to express their values.

Authenticity is one of the biggest trends in marketing right now. Every company is looking for ways to promote their values to their consumers as authentically as possible.

Branded content is a non-intrusive solution for this problem. MailChimp, for example, is another company relying on branded content to promote authenticity. They hired a director from Riffraff to create a series of stylistic short films that play off of their name, like “MailShrimp.”

Believe it or not, but you could have similar content that helps you generate significant returns on your investment – and it’s becoming more important to introduce content that engages with your customers, especially in an ever competitive marketplace.