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Business in Focus were looking to advertise their Start Up Loans service.

To support their marketing plan, we travelled across South Wales to produce diverse video content for the company. This would help increase the understanding of the Start Up Loans service, and how it could improve their business.

The plan allocated filming days that met the needs of Business in Focus. This included flexibility for those we were filming, reducing disruption to their business. Promoting a broad service, it was important to be culturally aware and considerate of the needs of each person. Some people we filmed had problems speaking in English or Welsh, but we refused to see this as a barrier. We patiently helped them to express their message to ensure the professionalism of each film that we created.

The editing process required us to condense the footage to a 3 minute video, and to include Welsh subtitles. Retaining the essence of the project, each video was then further condensed into 20 seconds for use on media.

“We have worked with DAKONA for the past year on various video projects, and have received a consist approach and attention to detail to each project, no matter how large or small. We have used DAKONA to film a number of client case studies, as well as covering a number of events, and each video has received positive impact from our customers and staff. Jamie approaches each project with professionalism and has worked well with each of our clients he has filmed. We are happy with all of the work produced, and look forward to working with DAKONA on future projects.”

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