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Scotland Launch

Denny's Scotland

Production Details

Our latest event project includes our incredible client, Denny’s UK.

They tasked us to capture the Grand Launch of their new Denny’s Scotland restaurant in Braehead, Glasgow. This was to capture the overwhelming success of opening a huge American franchise to a new part of the UK.

Being based within South Wales, a lot of preparation was needed for the project. This was to ensure that we had all the right filming equipment and permits before driving a long 6 hours to the location.

Event filming can often become a difficult process as it will throw up unforeseen issues. In these events, success often relies on keeping calm, planning ahead, creating contingencies, and to focus on the end goal.

Not only this, but we captured aerial footage through coordinating with Glasgow Airport to ensure that our flight was within CAA standards.

Understanding the key objectives of the project were important to deliver a high-quality video that our clients would be proud of.

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