Fit My Floor

Promotional Video

Fit My Floor were looking to create a stylish promotional video that embraced their business values and culture.

To support their marketing strategy, it was important to understand a little bit about them as individuals, and what makes them different from their competitors. This would help us shape a style and tone that was reflective of them, and drive visitors through the door.

We used a wide selection of filmmaking techniques that helped us get the performances that we needed from the staff, plus all the finer visual details that make the video look and feel premium.

“Have now used DAKONA twice to create video content for our business, and once again they smashed it out the park! They did an amazing job bringing our vision for the video to life all with very limited to go on (very hard to put a vision down on paper). The filming process was very professional they had all the equipment needed to get extremely high quality content, very impressed. They also helped massively to calm our nerves with the on camera interviews which is of course very hard to do. Great at coming up with ideas and very laid back/ easy to work with!”


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    Fit My Floor

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    Jamie Hunt

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