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DAKONA, 14 Neptune Court, Vanguard Way, Cardiff, CF24 5PJ

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Telecare 24

Promotional Video

Telecare 24 were looking to develop a series of high-quality promotional videos that raised brand awareness, generate new customer leads, and build trust in their brand.

We explored developing a series of promotional videos that engage with both a new and existing client base – one video demonstrating the key benefits of their Empatica Embrace Epilepsy Sensor; one video demonstrating the key benefits of their Pulse Companion; one video highlighting their Telecare christmas offer; and one video focusing on a brief overview of their aims, objectives and philosophy as an organisation.

The key messages were to demonstrate what each device does and how it benefits customers, their unique selling proposition of having exclusive uk distribution rights, and how they could dramatically improve the lives of people suffering with epilepsy and seizures.

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    Telecare 24

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    Jamie Hunt

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