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Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are an incredibly vital component of developing your company’s culture. However, few companies actually leverage video as a platform to share their social responsibility efforts.

Here are five ways that implements video content will significantly improve your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

1. Seeing is believing

We’ve all seen our fair share of executives discussing their social responsibility horn in their quarterly speeches, or annual general meetings. From an outside perspective the only tangible evidence of such efforts are usually only a single page on a website, and although it’s highly unlikely they would be lying, it’s perfectly natural to feel a sense of doubt.

Video content leave absolutely no room for doubt. Filming your members of staff volunteering within the community, or capturing its success via a positive testimonial, it’s a great opportunity to reinforce your Corporate Social Responsibilities efforts with proof that you’re actively giving back.

2. Capturing emotions

Doing the right thing is an incredibly rewarding experience, and when your team is acting responsibly, hopefully they’re enjoying themselves and feeling a sense of fulfilment. Capturing those emotions with video content can develop a huge impact both internally and externally.

Internally you’ll drive effort amongst employees – after all, who doesn’t want to feel fulfilment? Externally, viewers will have a greater understanding of your genuine efforts, demonstrating an authentic desire to run an ethical business practice.

3. Versatility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a relatively broad term – within each department of an organisation can have a different meaning, let alone an entire company. A single day of shooting can capture all of the measures that you take to be socially responsible. Then in post production you’re able to edit the footage for either internal use, external use, or use across multiple platforms. For example, Instagram Stories limits videos to 1 minute, whereas YouTube and Facebook have extended runtime limits.

4. Precise metrics

Social Responsibility isn’t a direct driver of profit, as is often the case it’s a drain on profit. But as a responsible business, you wouldn’t have it any other way. See just how much your customer base values your efforts by utilising metrics like play rate, watch time and audience retention. Perhaps your audience emphasizes your environmental protection efforts but doesn’t give a hoot about your office ethics. A video highlighting all of your social responsibility efforts will help uncover these trends.

5. Live video

Live streaming is the most engaging form of video content available across social media platforms. The ability to stream your charitable efforts on Facebook Live and have your audience engage at that moment is an exciting possibility. You can even add a donate button directly onto your stream.

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