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What happens when you combine a beautiful model, a cinematic camera, a glamorous location and a great soundtrack? Probably every fashion film that you have every watched. As Matthew Frost’s spoof FASHION FILM highlights, fashion films are indeed a cliché. However as we all know, high production values are no longer enough to justify a customer purchase. In an effort to combat this, the world of fashion has discovered the power of imaginative storytelling.

Narrative led videos by fashion companies are now subtly selling you clothes and concentrating on delivering a memorable brand mesage, and when it’s done correctly it can work incredibly well for your brand awareness. We’ve seen it emerge in sports retail for years; Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are without a doubt the most influential storytellers in the sports retail world. More brands are attempting to create an emotional connection with their customers and instead of bombarding them with unattainable scenarios, they’re developing content that customers feel add value. If you know your brand and understand your audience’s demands, it becomes the easiest way to prompt a positive brand response. Here’s a few of our favourites…

Lacoste – Timeless, the Film

Fashion, trains and storytelling is becoming a trend in itself. Lacoste’s ‘Timeless, The Film’ is an epic story of a journey and love at first sight, with renown composer Max Richter providing the soundtrack.

It demonstrates that brands are really embracing the storytelling medium, and beginning to move away from clichè campaigns that we’re familiar with

Vogue Video

The fashion magazine’s YouTube video channel was one of the original champions of fashion storytelling with the wide range of narrative films, documentaries, and episodic content. They’re certainly not afraid of weaving humour and behind-the-scenes narrative to portray that fashion has a personality.

One of our greatest strengths at DAKONA is our deep-rooted understanding of storytelling. We can help you create a memorable brand identity that your customers will associate and engage with.