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Producing video content can be a consuming tasks, however the final result should be worth all the time and effort that you’ve spent on it! So when we see content across social media that has great ideas and a strong message, it’s incredibly disheartening when the accompanying audio isn’t up to scratch. If you’re not sure about the importance of audio, or the main problems of it, then have a look below!

It’s more important than visual imagery

A visually stunning video with horrible audio is unforgivable to your audience, however a bad looking video with great audio can still be a fantastic video. Imagine a video where someone is explaining how to make some pancakes. They would begin with all the ingredients, mixing them into a bowl and frying them in the pan; looks delicious right? But without the audio, you’re missing the important information like what the specific ingredients are, and what the best flipping technique is. If you only heard the audio then you would still have a great understanding of how to make pancakes than if it were a silent video. Would you agree?

Bad audio is distracting

The most cinematic imagery isn’t going to hold up against distorted or out-of-sync sound. No matter what is happening on the silver screen, the audience won’t be able to concentrate or digest what is actually happening if they’re too busy trying to working out what’s coming out of the speaker. Sure, they might try and persevere through the affliction, but they might resort to turning off the audio completely. Ultimately the person watching the video won’t fully understand what’s going on, and will be entirely alienated by the content that you’re putting out. Not good!